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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an USB wall outlet?

A USB wall outlet is a step up from the standard outlet. It adds USB charging capabilities to the wall without the need for an adapter. When you have a phone and a tablet that both need to be charged, you normally have to take up both spaces in a standard outlet. This is because your USB cables need to run through an adapter to receive the ...

What is an USB charging port?

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) port on computers and laptops is a data port that also serves as a 5-volt power source. Personal handheld electronics like cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and digital music players can make use of this port to recharge their batteries by using a USB charger.

What are the types of electrical plugs?

The three basic kinds of plugs are self-connecting, terminal-screw, and three-prong. Lamps and small appliances mostly use self-connecting plugs. The prongs clamp onto the wires of the cord, making an automatic connection.

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