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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best USB wall charger?

Anker's 36W 4-Port USB Wall Charger is the best multiport USB charger for most people. It's the most powerful charger that plugs directly into a wall outlet, letting you fast-charge up to three full-size iPads at once or four at a slower rate.

What are the types of electrical plugs?

The three basic kinds of plugs are self-connecting, terminal-screw, and three-prong. Lamps and small appliances mostly use self-connecting plugs. The prongs clamp onto the wires of the cord, making an automatic connection.

What is an USB wall outlet?

A USB wall outlet is a step up from the standard outlet. It adds USB charging capabilities to the wall without the need for an adapter. When you have a phone and a tablet that both need to be charged, you normally have to take up both spaces in a standard outlet. This is because your USB cables need to run through an adapter to receive the ...

What is a port outlet?

On the physical layer, a computer port is a specialized outlet on a piece of equipment to which a plug or cable connects. Electronically, the several conductors where the port and cable contacts connect, provide a method to transfer signals between devices.

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