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Frequently Asked Questions

How is kinetic energy converted to other types of energy?

6 ENERGY, WORK AND POWER CONVERSION OF ENERGY We have already explained how kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy can be converted backwards and forwards. In fact any type of energy can be converted into any other type of energy. In some cases this conversion can be done efficiently, such as between kinetic energy and electrical energy.

How is potential energy used to make an object move?

In all of the examples above, the potential energy can be used to make an object move, and hence give it kinetic energy.

How is chemical energy turned into electrical energy?

A battery is ready to turn chemical energy into electrical energy, and a rechargeable battery is so called because every time that it is discharged it can be recharged by forcing electricity through it backwards. The electrical energy that is fed is stored as chemical energy.

How to calculate the kinetic energy of an ice skater?

Calculate the ice-skater's kinetic energy. rite down the formula: ubstitute the values for m and v: rk out the answer and write down the unit: POTENTIAL ENERGY — îrnv2 k.e. = - 625 J As can be seen in the pendulum, energy can either be stored or can be seen in motion in some way.

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