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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of voltage do electrical tapes have?

The tapes are typically IEC, CSA or UL 510 listed for a voltage rating of 600V, but can go higher with thicker tapes or more layer wraps. Dielectric strength is measured in voltage per thickness.

What is the purpose of vinyl electrical tape?

Vinyl electrical tape is versatile. Its main job is to insulate, but a good tape will form a tight seal that resists corrosive contaminants. Learn how to select the right vinyl electrical tape for the best job with our guide here.

What's the minimum stretch requirement for vinyl tape?

The UL minimum requirement for tape stretch is 150%. Premium vinyl tape goes to great lengths to conform, seal, and resist contaminant ingress. And because they stretch so well, they are less likely to break during application which saves time, materials and frustration on the job.

What's the temperature of Scotch vinyl electrical tape?

Highest performance ratings of the Scotch® Vinyl Electrical Tape family. Offering excellent stretch in all weather conditions and increased abrasion resistance. Made in the USA. Temperature Range: 0°F to 220°F

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