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Frequently Asked Questions

How is electrical tape used to make bikinis?

Next, strips of electrical tape are layered on the skin in the shape of a bikini, and small pieces of wet paper towels are placed over parts of the tape, ensuring that, unlike a cloth bikini that will move on the body throughout the day, the sticky tape will stay in one place to create those desired tan lines.

Where did the idea for duct tape bikini come from?

This particular project began way back in 2008 when Alvarez was a fledgling photographer. As he explains on his website, he was working with a model when she “suggested I use electric tape for her last look...Essentially I just wrapped her in black electrical tape!

Are there skimpy swimmers made of tape at Coachella?

Get ready, you’ll be seeing skimpy swimmers made of tape all over social media this weekend. But are they as glamorous as they look? FORGET flower crowns or reams of boho jewellery. This weekend, as the tsunami of images of pretty nobodies partying it up at Coachella stream through your feed, expect to see a lot of tape.

Is it safe to wear black tape in the Sun?

The shopping section the Black Tape Project website also has this perplexing statement: “Although our tape is safe for the skin we recommend not being in direct sun exposure for an extended period of time as there is a possibility you might receive some interesting tan lines!” Business, it would seem, is booming.

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