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Frequently Asked Questions

Are portable pressure washers any good?

The best portable pressure washer is a great thing to have around the house. But these machines are heavy and robust. Well, if space and weight are a concern, getting a portable unit seems like a logical path to take. Some manufacturers create units with the sole purpose of making them easy to carry.

Is 1500 psi enough to power wash a deck?

Yes, 1500 PSI is more than you need to power wash your deck. In fact, you should actually be careful with this pressure, as 1500 PSI might leave marks and damage softwood units. Since most units have less than this or are adjustable, these are perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces.

How much power does a pressure washer have?

Weighing a little under 20 pounds, this pressure washer looks like a vacuum cleaner that you can carry from one room to another. Featuring 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM, this product has quite a fair amount of power – but not as much as the best commercial pressure washers.

How do presspressure washer pumps work?

Pressure washer pumps use the pressure from a given volume of water—ultimately doing more work with less water. However, higher psi values still coincide with higher flow rates (GPM). Most of the pressure washers reviewed here are electric—you plug them into a standard household outlet.

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