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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you print emoji?

Once you find the emoji(s) you want to download, simply print them. You'll probably get better results with photo-quality paper, as it'll be sturdier when used as a mask. In your printer settings, make sure to select "Scale to Fit," then choose "Print Entire Image" to get the emoji to print in full-size.

What are emojis images?

An emoji is a digital image that is used to express an emotion in an electronic communication such as an e-mail or text message.

What color is emoji?

SwiftKey uses the system emoji font which is black and white in Jellybean and colour in KitKat but some apps (eg WhatsApp) render the emoji within messages with app-specific fonts whereas Google Hangouts uses the same colour emoji font as KitKat.

What do emoji Pictures Mean?

Emoji means "picture letter" in Japanese. People use the small digital pictures to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication. Each emoji has an official name, and the Unicode Consortium annually approves new emoji.

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