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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does employee health insurance cost?

Average Cost of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance. Updated on January 11, 2021. According to research published by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2019, the average cost of employer-sponsored health insurance for annual premiums was $7,188 for single coverage and $20,576 for family coverage. The report also found that the average annual deductible amount for single coverage was $1,655 for covered workers.

Does employer have to have workers compensation insurance?

The general rule is that employers do not have to carry workers' compensation insurance for workers who qualify as 1099 Independent Contractors. However, this rule has one major exception. The exception occurs when it is determined by certain federal or state government agencies, or the United State Tax Court, that a worker does not actually qualify as a 1099 contractor.

Does public liability insurance cover employees?

Public liability insurance won't cover employees, temporary staff, students or interns working with you - it just covers compensation claims made by third parties. That could be a general member of the public, clients or suppliers.

Do I have to take employer coverage?

You are never required to take a specific insurance coverage, only to have minimal essential coverage. Employers are required to offer coverage to employees and their children, but many also offer this coverage to employees’ spouses.

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