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Frequently Asked Questions

When do employees have to wash their hands?

There is a long list of when employees are required to wash their hands, such as after using the restroom, entering the food preparation area, engaging in the actual preparing of food, coughing, sneezing, etc.

What are the requirements for handwashing signs in Alabama?

Alabama’s requirements for employee handwashing signage are pretty straightforward. It’s mentioned at the very least in the Foodservice Employee Health Handbook (FEHH – current date of 9/30/13) produced by the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) and states: “Post signage that notifies employees of the handwashing requirement.”

Are there different laws for handwashing signs in different states?

Some states, counties, and cities have drafted their own food codes and rules or regulations regarding handwashing signage specific to their geographical area. Across the board, most handwashing signage laws are similar in every state since most base their rules off the FDA Food Code.

Do you have to post signs to wash your hands?

In regards to the FDA, managers are responsible to verify that employees correctly wash their hands and to post signage to notify employees of proper handwashing care and requirements. These are only guidelines published by the FDA and are not federal laws.

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