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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PF account balance?

The PF balance is an indicator of your savings at the time of retirement. The Employees Provident Fund Balance amount comprises the amount which is deducted every month from your monthly salary. It also comprises the amount which is contributed to your EPF account by your employer.

How do I Check my PF account?

How To Check Your PF Account Balance/Passbook. EPFO on its website has prominently displayed the link to check e-passbook. It can be found at the top right corner of the website. Click on the e-passbook link. (A snapshot of EPFO website) This will take you to a webpage where you need to key in your UAN id and password.

What is PF interest rate?

The current interest rate, which is for Q3 (October - December) FY 2020-21 has been fixed at 7.1%. Investments made in Public Provident Fund are offered at interest rates that are set by the central Government for every quarter (every three months) of the year. Given below is a list of the most recent changes in the PPF interest rates :

What is PF registration?

PF Registration is mandatory for all the organizations that have 20 or more employees. Such organizations are required to contribute a fixed amount towards Employee Provident Fund out of employee salary and wages.

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