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Frequently Asked Questions

How to handle a good employee quitting?

How to Handle a Good Employee Quitting Stay professional. Remember it isn't personal. ... Decide if you are going to let them work their notice. ... Talk to your team. ... Lay positive groundwork for the future. ... Be careful about bidding wars. ... Know who to complain to. ... Be prepared for more. ... Have hope. ... Once you have calmed down, conduct an exit interview. ... About the Author. ...

How do you make an employee quit?

10 Simple Ways to Get an Employee to Quit Lower pay. It's perfectly legal (as long as there's no contract involved) to lower pay if you announce it in advance (and in writing, in some jurisdictions). Dock an exempt employee's PTO for everything. Your employee has a sick kid and wants to work from home? ... Micromanage. ... Give contradictory instructions. ... Ignore the office bullies. ... Play favorites. ... More items...

What are the top 10 reasons employees quit?

According to the study, here are the top 10 reasons employees quit: Limited career opportunities (16 percent) Lack of respect/support from supervisor (13 percent) Money (12 percent) Lack of interesting/challenging job duties (11 percent) Lack of leadership from supervisor (9 percent) Bad work hours (6 percent)

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