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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Employsure Pty Ltd located in Sydney?

Employsure Pty Ltd. Level 6 180 Thomas Street Haymarket, Sydney NSW, 2000

What do you need to know about Employsure services?

Employsure can offer advice and support on all aspects of the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards. This covers Employment Relations, Work Health and safety and the compliance requirements under industry awards. How much does Employsure cost?

What can you do with the Employsure graduate program?

The Employsure Graduate Program is the perfect opportunity for graduates to become world class Employment Relations Advisers. The Advice Academy is a 12 month program which will look at innovative learning approaches, on-the- job coaching, and experiences that allow our graduates to grow and learn.

How to contact Employsure New Zealand workplace relations specialist?

You can call us on 0800 568 012, or send an enquiry via our Contact page and a member of our team will be in touch.

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