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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Employsure help small businesses in Australia?

Employsure helps Australian small business owners run safe, fair and compliant workplaces. We do this by giving employers like you the advice, support and documentation you need to comply with Australia's Fair Work Act. Sound complex?

What does Employsure do in the workplace for You?

Employsure give us confidence in employing and retaining or dismissing staff and having a safe workplace. I effectively call them our external HR department. Even right down to having confidence with regards to workplace incidents and dispute handling.

What are the benefits of using Employsure Face2Face?

A Health and Safety Handbook, plus forms for your staff. Additional packages that can be purchased through Employsure Face2Face may include in-house training, face-to-face support for employee management issues (such as disciplinary or redundancy meetings) or additional health and safety visits. What are some client’s benefits for using Employsure?

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