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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jean le Rond d’Alembert?

Alembert, Jean Le Rond D’. physics, mathematics. Jean Le Rond d’Alembert was the illegitimate child of Madame de Tencin, a famous salon hostess of the eighteenth century, and the Chevalier DestouchesCanon, a cavalry officer.

What does Jean Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert mean?

Jean-Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert (/ˌdæləmˈbɛər/; French: [ʒɑ̃ batist lə ʁɔ̃ dalɑ̃bɛːʁ]; 16 November 1717 – 29 October 1783) was a French mathematician, mechanician, physicist, philosopher, and music theorist.

What did Jean le Rond d'Alembert contribute to the Enlightenment?

Alembert, Jean le Rond d' (1717–83) French mathematician and philosopher. D'Alembert was a leading figure in the Enlightenment. He was Diderot's co-editor on the first edition of the Encyclopédie (1751) and contributed the “Preliminary Discourse”.

What did d’Alembert do?

In 1744 d’Alembert published a companion volume to his first work, the Traité de l’équilibre et du mouvement des fluides. In this work d’Alembert used his principle to describe fluid motion, treating the major problems of fluid mechanics that were current. The sources of his interest in fluids were many.

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