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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good flights with Endeavor Air?

At Expedia, we have great deals on Endeavor Air flights to a wide range of destinations, along with a choice of tickets, baggage allowance and optional in-flight extras. Book to fly with Endeavor Air and pack for a great trip, whether you’re going one-way, return or on a multi-city hop.

Where are the hubs of Endeavor Airlines located?

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., Endeavor has hub operations in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis, and New York City. At Endeavor Air, we offer more than a job; we offer a career.

Who is the parent company of Endeavor Air?

Endeavor Air Flights! Endeavor Air is an American regional airline, previously known as Pinnacle Airlines. It was renamed as Endeavour Air on 1 August, 2013. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines and has a fleet size of 194 aircrafts.

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