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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect in Endeavour season 7 Episode 1?

6. Endeavour Season 7 brings three new mysteries, all connected in a larger storyline, to MASTERPIECE! In Oracle (Episode 1), a murder on an Oxford towpath sets Thursday investigating while Morse celebrates the new year at an opera in Venice.

Who are the victims of Endeavour Series 7?

He murdered victims Molly, Tony, and Bridget – although we’ll admit, we’re still unsure whether the episode entirely resolved the plot-hole that Endeavour himself pointed out; namely, Carl’s iron-cast alibi from the original night in question.

What was the soundtrack to the finale of Endeavour?

This season of Endeavour has been all about the deaths on the towpath, and the finale is no different. (Also, great covers of Vivaldi's "Winter" are my entire *jam,* so this opening got extra points for soundtrack choices.)

Who is the superior detective in the series Endeavour?

Endeavour's superior, Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, recognising the young constable is a detective he can trust, takes him under his wing and is determined to break the case and, with Morse's help, bring it to a successful conclusion.

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