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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of Ender's game?

Orson Scott Card. Orson Scott Card is the author of the novels Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and Speaker for the Dead, which are widely read by adults and younger readers, and are increasingly used in schools.

What inspired Orson Scott Card to write Ender's game?

Context. Born in 1951 in Washington and raised on the west coast, Orson Scott Card attended Brigham Young University and spent two years as a Mormon missionary Brazil. Highly influenced by his Mormon upbringing, in his introduction to Ender's Game Card mentions that Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy inspired him to write science fiction.

Why was Ender's game never made into a movie?

Since Ender's Game was published in 1985, author Orson Scott Card had been reluctant to license film rights and artistic control for the novel.

What is the theme that runs through Ender's life?

Compassion is the theme that runs through Ender's life. It is the defining feature of his existence. The reason that he plays the games so well is his ability to understand the enemy and to inspire loyalty.

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