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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ender's game book series?

Ender's Game (series) Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Ender's Game series (often referred to as the Ender saga and also the Enderverse) is a series of science fiction books written by American author Orson Scott Card. The series started with the novelette Ender's Game, which was later expanded into the novel of the same title.

What is the Order of the Enders series?

The Ender series contains three major arcs. These are, in publishing order: Ender series, the Shadow series, and The War of Gifts. Normally, one would read in the publishing order, but you could read these arcs in any order.

What are Ender books?

The Ender’s Game series (sometimes called Ender series or Enderverse) is a series of science fiction books by Orson Scott Card. To date, there are 5 novels in the Ender’s Game series and 4 novels in the Shadow series.

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