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Frequently Asked Questions

What is summary of Ender's game?

Summary. The first chapter of Ender's Game begins with a conversation between two unnamed people, discussing a boy and his two siblings. They decide that the boy is the one they need to save the world from the buggers, although they have doubts, just as they did about the brother and sister. The story begins to describe the life of Ender,...

What is the bugger in Ender's game?

Concept art of a Formic worker from Ender's Game (Film). The Formics were an advanced space-faring alien species. Although they were officially named Formics (from the Latin word for ant), the aliens were nicknamed Buggers by humans due to their insect-like appearance. The Formic race consisted of Hive Queens, male drones, and workers.

What is the best order to read the Ender's game series in?

The Ender series contains three major arcs. These are, in publishing order: Ender series, the Shadow series, and The War of Gifts. Normally, one would read in the publishing order, but you could read these arcs in any order .

What is thrid in Ender's game?

Third was the term given to children who were the third born in their family. This term was considered an insult since the birth control laws in the Ender's Game Universe denote that any family cannot have more than two children.

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