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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Endicia work with the US Postal Service?

Endicia’s online postage solutions make it easier and more affordable for online sellers to ship packages using the U.S. Postal Service. We provide access to all USPS shipping services and discounts up to 40% off USPS retail rates. Our solutions have helped thousands of businesses, large and small, print more than $14 billion in postage.

How many customer service reviews are there for Endicia?

304 reviews matching your search. Reset filters. Avoid, or Like others, I was satisfied with their service for years; even though there was a monthly subscription, I found it was worth it, as all my dealings were seamless (I said WERE/used to be). Ever since the merge, they have gone from a 4/5 star rating to ZERO.

What do you think of Endicia credit union?

I didn't do any business or any need for their service, but the company called Endicia keeps charging my credit card till I stop them. FRAUD!! FRAUD!!! 8 charges from this company yesterday on my debit card! Never heard of them!! Called credit union, reported fraud, cancelled cards! Started with $1, $25 and several for $300 each.

Why did I get a recurring charge from Endicia?

I noticed a recurring charge from Endicia for 17.99 and originally thought it was for postage overage from the post office. I then realized it was an unauthorized charged and called Endicia.

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