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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Endicia connect?

Simply download and install, following the onscreen instructions as you would any software on your computer. After installation, Endicia CONNECT will open. Sign in with your ENDICIA Username and Password. You will be returned to Endicia Online to complete your postage preparation and printing.

How do I update my Endicia software?

Normally, you should receive a notification when an update is required. You can manually download and install or update Endicia software from your Endicia online account on

What is Endicia for Mac?

Endicia for Mac is your complete USPS postage-printing solution. Easily feed one through your printer, it'll come out with postage. Domestic and International mailing labels are generated easily with the correct postage. No guessing or over-paying, pay the correct postage amount every time.

How do I set up Endicia professional on my printer?

If prompted whether you are sure that you want to run this software, click Run. When the Endicia Professional Setup Wizard appears, click Next. In the Choose Components window, verify that both DAZzle and Endicia Professional are selected. Optional: Select DYMO Printable Postage.

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