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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print postage?

Print your stamps on your printer with stamp paper. You can also print your stamps directly on an envelope by placing the envelope in your printer's paper tray and properly setting your printer. The postage will print directly on the envelope. Send your envelope in the regular fashion.

What can I print postage on?

How to: print postage using NetStamps from Select the Mail Tab. In the Print On Drop Down menu select Stamps. In the upper right corner of every NetStamps sheet is a serial number. ... Choose whether to have calculate the amount of postage or specify the postage value for each NetStamp yourself. For International Postage, use the drop down menu to select the country you are mailing to. More items...

What is 'USPS Endicia'?

Endicia is an independent commercial entity (now owned by that partnered with USPS many years ago to provide electronic postage solutions. Endicia plays an important role in helping USPS compete with the other carriers by ensuring there are effective technology solutions (software, web solutions,...

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