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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Endicia cost?

The Endicia has 5 plans - Endicia Standard USD 9.95 (Month), Endicia Premium USD 15.95 (Month), Endicia Professional USD 34.95 (Month), Endicia for Mac USD 15.95 (Month), Endicia for Mac USD 15.95 (Month) Free trial: Available

How do you order stamps online?

Order and pay for postage stamps online at The Postal Store, which is located on the site, for mail delivery to you. You also can reach The Postal Store by clicking the Quick Links tab on the home page and selecting Buy Stamps from the drop-down menu.

What is 'USPS Endicia'?

Endicia, a technology partner of ShippingEasy, hosts a label server that directs the purchase of USPS postage. View Endicia's Terms of Service. Endicia provides access to USPS' services.

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