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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nature of acute infective endocarditis?

Despite a relatively stable rate, the nature of IE has changed dramatically over the past several decades. IE is more commonly associated with invasive medical procedures and old age, and less associated with rheumatic heart disease and poor dentition [14,15].

What causes inflammation of the endocardium in the heart?

endocarditis is a disease characterised by inflammation of the endocardium, typically affecting the heart valves and usually caused by infection and can be acute, subacute or chronic most commonly affecting the aortic valve (previously mitral valve) most cases of fulminant endocarditis are caused by S. aureus

Is there a better way to diagnose endocarditis?

Easier to repeat serially if patient deteriorates. Greater sensitivity for endocarditis diagnosis, especially prosthetic valve endocarditis and left-sided endocarditis. Greater sensitivity for complications of endocarditis (e.g., aortic ring abscess, valve perforation).

When is regurgitation a concern for endocarditis?

This raises a concern for endocarditis, but must be interpreted in clinical context: Regurgitation is more worrisome if severe and found in a young patient with no prior cardiac disease (who shouldn't have regurgitation). Regurgitation is most worrisome if there is a recent echocardiogram without any regurgitation.

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