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Frequently Asked Questions

Does adrenal fatigue ever go away?

How long does it take for adrenal fatigue to heal? Recovery can take 6-18 months, but incorporating the above tips can help you start feeling better quickly. Stay patient with your body and allow it the rest and care it needs.

What got rid of your adrenal fatigue?

8 Ways To Get Rid Of Adrenal Fatigue Eat Natural Whole Foods. Your body needs vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to run. ... Stay Away From Junk Food. Along the same lines as eating natural whole foods, you should avoid junk food. ... Drink Plenty Of Water. ... Take Vitamin C Daily. ... Take Vitamin B-Complex. ... Use Non-Toxic Chemical Products. ... Get Moving Outside. ... Start Working On Your Adrenal Glands. ...

What causes extreme fatigue?

Infections -- especially viral infections -- are among the leading causes of extreme fatigue. Common, short-term viral illnesses associated with extreme fatigue include influenza and infectious mononucleosis. Other possibilities include viral hepatitis, Lyme disease and HIV/AIDS.

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