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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best endodontist in the area?

Lenetta R. said "I love Dr. Cleary he is awesome at what he does he is kind and very caring to make sure you are comfortable in his care. Going to him for me is like magic.

Where to get an endodontic in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Endodontics, prides itself on being the only endodontic destination in Downtown Los Angeles. Located in the city center, blocks away from LA Live, we are uniquely located and equipped to provide service to "The Los Angeles and International Elite", Diplomats and Dignitaries.

Can you go to an endodontist if you have no insurance?

Our services can find you an emergency endodontist for your root canal emergency, even if you have no insurance. Emergency root canal treatment is vital to make sure your mouth stays healthy so don’t let costs or lack of insurance keep you from finding an emergency dentist for your root canal.

Can you get an endodontist for a root canal?

A root canal specialist near you has the same training that your regular dentist has, along with two or three years of specialized training in endodontic therapy. An endodontist also has access to more specialized equipment that is utilized during your root canal treatment.

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