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Frequently Asked Questions

When is endodontic retreatment needed?

Endodontic retreatment refers to the procedure needed if the initial root canal treatment failed. If you still have discomfort after a root canal treatment, contact your dentist or endodontist. You may need retreatment to assist in proper healing. With endodontic retreatment, you can save a tooth that you might otherwise have to have pulled.

What is a retreat root canal?

Retreat Root Canals. A defective or inadequate dental restoration that has allowed bacteria to get past the restoration into the inner aspects of the tooth and recontaminate the area A breakdown of the inner sealing material over time, allowing bacteria to recontaminate the inner aspects of the tooth Sometimes retreatment can be successful,...

What is a root canal specialist?

A root canal specialist is a highly skilled dentist with a higher level of training and experience compared to typical dentists. These specialists, known as endodontists, go to graduate school to further train for an extra two to three years after graduating from dental school. This education focuses on performing endodontic types of procedures.

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