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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a periodontist and an endodontist?

The basic difference between an endodontist and a periodontist is that a periodontist deals mainly with gums, gum related diseases, problems, and solutions while an endodontist deals with the procedures like root canal, and other operative procedures.

What is the difference between a dentist and a periodontist?

In the end, the main difference between dentists and periodontists is the course of their studies. And the best way to spend time with your dentist (vs. a periodontist) is by forming good oral hygiene habits.

What does an endodontist do compared to a dentist?

The responsibilities of an Endodontist are predominantly working with root canal therapy for infected teeth. They are a more surgical option compared with a Dentist, especially for dentures, where Dentists would look fit in false artificial teeth, but Endodontists perform root canal surgery as the solution to weak, infected or decayed teeth.

What is the difference between oral surgeon and periodontist?

The bottom line is that a periodontist focuses on implants and gum health , while an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can perform a wide variety of surgical procedures on the mouth, jaw, and face. While some of their functions may overlap at certain times, periodontics and oral surgery occupy different divisions within the realm of dentistry.

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