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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best endoscope camera for iPhone?

Oiiwak Dual Lens Endoscope Camera Oiiwak has designed a dual-lens camera that can achieve a 270-degree view. A dual endoscope iPhone camera is perfect to search narrow spaces; however, you can easily view surroundings without turning the camera. A glaring feature of this camera is you can split your iPhone screen to view both and compare.

What is a Wi-Fi endoscope?

Publisher's Description. Wi-Fi Endoscope camera is a portable, hand-held, multifunctional inspection camera system equipped with a powerful wireless module which provides stable WiFi connection. Users can view the videos in iPod, iPhone, or iPad devices and can capture images (JPG) or videos (MP4) in 720P high definition with this application.

How do I connect the depstech endoscope to my iPhone?

On your iPhone, you will need to search for Wi-Fi networks in the Settings and wait for the DEPSTECH endoscope to appear. Once the iPhone is connected to the endoscope’s Wi-Fi network, you will need to enter the default password printed on the instructions leaflet.

Why do you need an endoscope with a smartphone?

The importance of a good quality endoscope cannot be understated, whether it is for finding out what’s lodged inside a pipe, or take a peek inside the drywall to inspect any infestation or water damage. Endoscopes for technical use have been around for years, but pairing them with your smartphone is what makes them truly portable and easy to use.

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