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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best endoscope transport and short-term storage system?

is a user-friendly endoscope transport and short-term storage system. Easy to install Clear, green Clean and red Biohazardous liners are compatible with other transport trays, containers and bins.

What is the purpose of an endoscope transport tray?

Endoscope Transport Tray. Transports clean scope to the procedure room and soiled scope back to decontamination. Reversible lid to clearly differentiate clean and soiled scopes. Adheres to the SGNA reprocessing guidelines that a scope most be in a closed container to prevent exposure to infectious organisms.

How are endoscopes transported in an Olympus cart?

Patented tray design with “O” ring secures endoscopes during transport Available in flexible cart options, including 5, 7, or 10 shelf configurations Use the cart system to transport endoscopes through larger facilities or as temporary storage while waiting for procedures or reprocessing

How does the reliance endoscope transport system work?

The Reliance Endoscope Transport System protects devices by diminishing exposure touch points - from point-of-use reprocessing to transport to a procedure, and every step along the way. Thoughtfully designed, this system's individual components provide easy to use and compliant bags and bins focused on staff and patient safety.

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