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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best irrigation pump for endoscopy?

With its lightweight appeal and compact design, the EGP-100 integrates into any endoscopy suite and with all scopes, regardless of manufacturer.In addition, the ENDOGATOR Irrigation Pump was developed with infection control risks in mind and utilizes only the ENDOGATOR disposable product line. ENDOGATOR™ Irrigation Pump | Cantel

How is the OFP-2 used in endoscopy?

Irrigation via the instrument or water channel: The OFP-2 can irrigate fluid via the instrument or auxiliary water channels of endoscopes, allowing gastric and colonic mucosa to be washed during procedures.

What kind of tubing does an Erbe irrigation pump use?

Erbe offers a wide range of tubing and an irrigation pump as well as a complete range of accessories.

What do you need to know about endogator tubing?

Endogator® Connectors ENDO CARRY-ON™ Procedure Kit Intercept® Bedside Kit ENDO CARRY-ON™ Transport Pad Procedure Room Accessories Disposable Bite Blocks Rinse And Insufflation Tubing Single-use Valves Defendo® Sterile Single Use Valves

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