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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the term endoscope get its name?

The Greek prefix endo- means "within, inside", so around 1860 an early crude instrument for looking deep inside the body was named the endoscope. But modern endoscopy required the invention of the electric lightbulb and then fiber-optic cable, so the first modern endoscopes date only to 1967.

Is the prefix scopy a suffix or a prefix?

Whilst List of medical roots has separate table for Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes, in part this is already implied by the use of dashes "a-" is clearly a prefix, whilst "-scopy" clearly is a root or suffix. Distinguishing roots & suffixes seems arbitrary.

Which is the best description of an endoscopy?

Endoscopy. A type of medical examination in which an instrument called an endoscope is passed into an area of the body (the bladder or intestine, for example). The endoscope usually has a fiberoptic camera, which allows a greatly magnified image to be projected onto a video screen, to be viewed by the operator.

Where does the word Endo come from in Greek?

endo- word-forming element meaning "inside, within, internal," from Greek endon "in, within" (from PIE *en-do-, extended form of root *en "in").

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