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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a 60W endurance light last?

These Solar Outdoor Lights designed by Endurance Lights will light up your garden, driveway or more ALL NIGHT LONG with AUTO mode. 60W Endurance Lights last up to 12 hours during the night with only a few hours of sunlight. Do you need an even brighter light? Get a 90W 9000 Lumens Solar Street light here. How long does it take to receive my order?

Can a endurance light be used in the dark?

Endurance Lights are DARK SKY friendly. Fully shielded & can be installed pointed downwards. Is not brighter than necessary (Auto mode: full brightness when motion detected). Only lights up the area that needs it. more info? Visit DARK SKY Outdoor Lighting basics

How many lumens does an endurance light have?

Brighter than ever: Endurance Lights is capable of illuminating up to 9000 Lumens at it's full power. Super bright solar light! Weatherproof construction: Snow & rain storm-resistant, rustproof, super-durable resin frame providing extreme durability and reliability, even in very humid weather climates and coastal areas.

How to get a refund from endurance lights?

Full info: For items received after a cancellation has been submitted we request that you ship them back to us before recieving a refund. For items never arrived contact our live chat or email support and you will receive a full refund if indicated on the tracking details.

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