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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Enduring Word Bible Commentary structured?

The Enduring Word Bible Commentary is structured by each book of the Bible. Also, each book is organized by chapter and verse. To help your study time, each chapter has the main point extracted from the text. Additionally, the main point is then organized in an easy to follow outline that flows through the Bible Text.

What is the first chapter of Hebrews Chapter 1 about?

Enduring Word Bible Commentary Hebrews Chapter 1 Hebrews 1 – A Superior Savior A. Jesus, the superior Savior. 1. (1-2a) Jesus brought a revelation superior to the prophets of old.

What is the Book of Hebrews talking about?

Hebrews is basically a book that exhorts discouraged Christians to continue on strong with Jesus in light of the complete superiority of who He is and what He did for us. f. Spoken to us by His Son: It isn’t so much that Jesus brought a message from the Father; He is a message from the Father.

How does the writer of Hebrews explain Jesus?

The writer of Hebrews explained Jesus in terms that made sense to both first-century Jews and those familiar with Greek philosophy. d. The express image of His person: The idea is of an exact likeness as made by a stamp. Jesus exactly represents God to us.

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