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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Energex stand for in the energy industry?

We provide energy solutions, using existing and innovative alternatives that meet the demands and expectations to achieve the highest satisfaction of our customers, employees, shareholders respecting the environment and the legislation that governs it, supported by a Quality Management System oriented to the Continuous Improvement.

How long has Energex been in the pellet business?

We’ve been in the wood pellet business since 1993. Starting out by acquiring one of North America’s oldest wood pellet plants, we’ve grown from a single Canadian facility to an additional location in the U.S. Our founder and CEO served as a board member of the Pellets Fuels Institute for 18 years, spending four of them as the PFI president.

What are the benefits of Energex in Mexico?

Security and confidence to own laboratories fuel and most qualified personnel for the development of Mexico and mixtures thereof, in order to get the results and promised emissions. Another benefit we provide to our customers as part of a comprehensive solution is the timely delivery of our products.

How does enegix plan to use power to power?

Using a power to power strategy to replace expensive, high emission power grids with renewable, baseload, and cost effective zero carbon grids, Enegix plans to create a new model of sustainable energy that powers humanity without costing the earth.

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