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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Energex for network related enquiry?

For network related enquiries, select and complete the relevant online form. Use our enquiry form to contact us by email. View and download some of most popular brochures. Start a new Energex career today.

How does the Energex thermostat work for hotels?

Energex allows hotel owners to save 15–40% on energy consumption and utility costs wasted on empty rooms. At the heart the Platform is our Dream Thermostat and its WIFI connectivity, wide selection of sensors, Cloud-connected and AI software to help make any space smarter, more comfortable and beautiful.

Where is the Energex office in Brisbane QLD?

Fax: 07 3025 8301 +61 7 3025 8301 (overseas) Mailing: Energex Limited GPO Box 1461 Brisbane QLD 4001 Office: 26 Reddacliff Street 6 more rows ...

How long has Energex been in the pellet business?

We’ve been in the wood pellet business since 1993. Starting out by acquiring one of North America’s oldest wood pellet plants, we’ve grown from a single Canadian facility to an additional location in the U.S. Our founder and CEO served as a board member of the Pellets Fuels Institute for 18 years, spending four of them as the PFI president.

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