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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Energex get its wood pellets from?

Every year, we provide over 250,000 tons of wood heating pellets from Virginia to Maine, and cooking pellets across the country to as south as Florida. Our products keep homes warm and food delicious throughout the East Coast. No matter where we serve, we focus on customer satisfaction. Why risk your stove or grill? Trust Energex.

What kind of bricks do you use for a wood stove?

I use "bear bricks" - same as eco-bricks but made here in Oregon by Bear Mountain Forest Products. This year they have been on sale repeatedly for $199 per ton (pallet). I ran through 2 tons last year and purchased 3 tons this year. I also have 2 cords of wood outside.

Are there any additives in firewood bricks?

Guaranteed to be free of chemicals and harmful additives, Energex firewood bricks are the perfect way to enjoy that incredible wood-fired taste from your cooking, and all from a fire you can feel good about. Energex quality is legendary in the energy industry because we consider regulations a starting point.

Can you use bio bricks on a wood stove?

My own take is that bio-bricks and other compressed wood type logs are a mixed bag in terms of use as stove fuel, IMHO they are OK, as long as one is careful to avoid over-firing the stove, which is very easy to do when using them.

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