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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a solar PV system be approved by Energex?

Answer: Energex has given approval on the basis that your solar PV system and its installation is compliant with the Energex connection standard as well as Australian Standard AS 4777 for technical requirements and AS 5033 for installation requirements.

How can I check my solar Energex connection?

Check the progress of your connection application in Track Service Orders. When we receive your application, we’ll check if the connection service needed for your system is basic or negotiated. We may also check if the local network can support your new system. If you have any questions, you can call us on 13 12 53.

When does the contract start for solar Energex?

Your connection contract starts when the offer is accepted. If you want to negotiate the terms of your connection contract, you can choose to do this through a negotiated connection. If your connection service type is not basic, or you want to negotiate the terms of your connection contract, then it’s classed as negotiated.

When do I need to submit an EWR for solar Energex?

Installation of your system can start once you have accepted our connection offer. Your system installer must submit an Electrical Work Request (EWR) as soon as your system has been installed. This is to advise us that the work at your premises has been carried out in accordance with the required standards.

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