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Frequently Asked Questions

How to educate your patients about energy conservation?

If the patient is accustomed to household and yard chores that call for heavy lifting (moving boxes, carrying groceries, shoveling dirt, mowing the lawn, etc.), then the patient and the OT will work together to simplify those chores or eliminate tasks that are unnecessary. 4. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

How to conserve energy in your daily life?

Making simple adjustments to daily routines can improve energy efficiency, and ultimately conserve energy throughout the day. Energy conservation techniques can be applied to any aspect of life; at home, work, leisure, and even rest/sleep. The 6 P’s below are important to keep in mind to help conserve energy.

Why do we need to learn about energy conservation?

By using your body efficiently and doing things in a sequential way, you can save your energy, remain independent, and be less frustrated by your illness when the energy you have lasts throughout the day (2017). What we gather from this is that energy conservation techniques – if taught correctly – promote independence.

How are energy conservation techniques used in physical therapy?

Rather, energy conservation techniques allow for users to redistribute efforts to complete tasks that are most important to them. Duke University’s Department of Physical Therapy sums up energy conservation perfectly:

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