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Frequently Asked Questions

How to educate your patients about energy conservation?

Educate your patient on pacing during the task and taking rest breaks throughout the day when they feel fatigued. Discuss planning and prioritizing the day around completing the most important tasks first, as well as the importance of not over-planning the day. Work with your patient to modify or simplify difficult tasks.

Where can I find information on energy conservation?

Energy Conservation Techniques handout (Aurora Health) Adaptive Equipment and Energy Conservation Techniques During Performance of Activities of Daily Living (Wayne State University) Energy Conservation Principles and Techniques (Duke University) This post was originally published on Jan. 7, 2018 and updated on March 14, 2021.

How to organize your office for energy conservation?

Organization 1 Planning ahead 2 Prioritize your work. 3 Analyze the work to be done. 4 Eliminate all unnecessary steps. 5 Combine tasks or activities. 6 Consider making changes to tasks or activity.

What are energy conservation techniques for Occupational therapists?

If you’re a new grad occupational therapists or OT student, you may have heard the phrase “energy conservation techniques,” but may not be fully familiar with the concept. They are a widely used strategy for occupational therapists in many settings, so we want to cover what they are and how you can apply them. So what are they?

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