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Frequently Asked Questions

Is C4 Extreme bad for You?

Ingredients present in C4 extreme are harmful for the peripheral vision of an individual. Loss of peripheral vision is not something to be taken lightly and it becomes necessary to immediately consult a doctor if the symptoms do not go away after a few days.

What is the best C4 flavor?

#5 Pineapple – Tangy and tropical, pineapple is one of the stronger flavours in the C4 range. Like strawberry margarita, pineapple is more candy than fruit, and will take anyone who fondly remembers the taste of yellow five-flavour lifesavers on a nostalgia trip.

Is C4 good for You?

Cellulor C4 Extreme is great for anyone looking to blast calories, and have a body that will turn necks. While this supplement is effective and useful, it does pose some health risks to the user, these risks should be thoroughly understood. Knowing the side effects can help you to prevent serious medical problems.

Does Cellucor C4 work well?

The answer is simple, really. It's because C4 product can do a whole lot more than boost your stamina . Like any pre workout supplements, it combines a unique set of ingredients to promote peak physical performance during workouts. C4 will also keep you from "crashing" after a long workout.

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