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Frequently Asked Questions

How to do an experiment with lemon juice?

Lemon Science Experiments. Place a spoonful of baking soda on a tray and lemon juice in a cup . Have each child use a syringe to draw up a little lemon juice to place on baking soda to erupt the "volcano" again and again. The baking soda is a base and it reacts with the acid in lemon juice to create carbon dioxide gas/air which is...

What kind of energy drink is lemon berry?

Lemon Berry Refreshing, fruity, and sweet in all the right ways, this flavor takes you back to that red-white-and-blue popsicle you used to have on a hot summer day. Pack that flavor into a carbohydrate and electrolyte rich bottle of fuel and hydration, and you’ve got Lemon Berry ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix.

What can Rick Lax do with energy drinks?

Lax does some incredible feats like sealing a cut-up balloon with Red Bull and blowing it up again, turning eggs cooked in energy drinks into an unbreakable rubbery elastic, and even bending a solid hammer doused in energy drink.

Are there any energy drink hacks you've never seen?

A video by Rick Lax (you may have heard the name) is doing the rounds on the Internet, particularly Facebook, for some incredible tricks. Titled “ENERGY DRINK HACKS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN!,” the video shows Lax dousing day-to-day objects with energy drinks and bending them like clay.

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