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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits and risks of energy drinks?

A review of current scientific knowledge on energy drinks finds their advertised short-term benefits can be outweighed by serious health risks — which include risk-seeking behavior, mental health problems, increased blood pressure, obesity and kidney damage.

What are the dangers of energy drinks?

The dangers of energy drinks are that they can promote vitamin toxicity. It can manifest in any number of ways, for example, flushing of the skin and vomiting (from an overdose of niacin), pain and numbness in the extremities (from B6 overdose) or allergies to any of the high concentrations of vitamins.

What is in energy drinks that is bad for health?

Energy drinks are bad for your health because the high caffeine content can increase your risk for serious heart issues. Energy drink use was associated with 20,000 emergency room visits in the US in 2011. Healthy alternatives to energy drinks include eating a snack with proteins and carbohydrates, grabbing a piece of dark chocolate, or exercising. More items...

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