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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for solar energy grants?

Go to the federal grants site and choose "Apply for Grants." Download the solar energy grant application package for the grants for which you want to apply. Finish the grant application package. Include the history and accomplishments of your business or organization in the area of solar energy.

What is the government green grant program?

Green Grants. Green grants are those grants available to organizations engaged in those industries or fields of study that emphasize clean energy or sustainable technologies that reduce the impact of man’s harmful influence on our planet. Green grants available through the Federal government are awarded to industries, nonprofits,...

What is rural energy for America program?

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) provides financial assistance to agricultural producers and rural small businesses in rural America to purchase, install, and construct renewable energy systems; to make energy efficiency improvements to non-residential buildings and facilities; to use renewable technologies that reduce energy consumption ...

What is energy efficient loan?

An energy efficient mortgage (EEM) (or "green mortgage") is a loan product that allows borrowers to reduce their utility bill costs by allowing them to finance the cost of incorporating energy-efficient features into a new housing purchase or the refinancing of existing housing.

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