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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the energy drink presentation?

• In the upcoming slides, click on the blue movie icon to watch the video. • Internet connection required. ‹#› Energy Drinks and You

What can PG & E energy centers do for You?

PG&E Energy Centers provide professional training, a robust tool-lending library, on-demand courses and real-time access to industry experts, at all no cost. Sign up above for updates to take advantage of all these resources.

How are energy sources used in everyday life?

Uses of Energy Sources Sun Coal Water Oil Gas Electricity Transportation Cooking 19. The solar cell <ul><li>A solar cell is made using thin disc made of pure silicon </li></ul><ul><li>Solar energy is converted into electricity in the solar cell </li></ul> 20.

What kind of Energy helps you do work?

That which helps in doing work is Energy 3. Types of energy There are two main types of energy Kinetic energy Potential energy 4. Potential energy <ul><li>The stored up energy which has the potential to do work is called potential energy. </li></ul> 5.

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