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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best synonym for energy efficient?

Energy-efficient synonyms. Top synonyms for energy-efficient (other words for energy-efficient) are energy efficient, energy efficiency and energy-saving.

What does energy efficient mean in real world?

It may be assumed that an energy-efficient realization was not their goal. So, they replaced the single compression spring with four extension springs and observed more energy - efficient movements. 284 will allow us to apply this energy - efficient concept in realworld applications.

What does it mean to make your home more energy efficient?

Solar panels will also be installed to make it more energy-efficient. So people are doing things, like making their homes more energy-efficient. The second way to combat higher energy costs is to make your home energy-efficient. Switching supplier is of limited use if your home is not energy-efficient.

Which is an efficient synonym for the word effectual?

The words effectual and efficient are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, effectual suggests the accomplishment of a desired result especially as viewed after the fact. Where would efficacious be a reasonable alternative to efficient?

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