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Frequently Asked Questions

How to save on electricity with energy Ogre?

At Energy Ogre, we understand that every parent juggles, every family budgets, and every Texan deserves the best electricity rate for their home. Enjoy the holidays with savings in your pocket! Use promo code OGREFAMILY for 20% off your Energy Ogre membership for a limited time.

How many energy Ogre reviews do you have?

“ Energy Ogre has been wonderful! They have saved me hundreds of dollars in the last couple of years. ” in 2 reviews Savvy Texans trust Energy Ogre to ensure they never overpay for electricity again. Our team of technology that analyzes hundreds of electricity plans available, considers all of the market variabl……

When to forget customer service with energy Ogre?

But when it is time to renew or find a new plan you can forget any customer service. They do not ask what type of plan you want, if anything has changed, etc. They just sign you up with whatever company they choose. If you try to ask questions or email them for any reason you can forget it. Months and no replies.

What do the Green Lines on energy Ogre mean?

The green lines show other alternatives we can offer to you. … Got my first bill today after Energy Ogre did their thing … I may turn on everything before I leave for work just because I can now. Haha.

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