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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to use energy Ogre?

Yes you can probably do the same legwork yourself, but $10 is worth the Time saved and the peace of mind knowing I got the best deal. Works great for us. One less thing to stay on top of. My question, which is not answered on their website, is, can you specify the type of plan?

When to forget customer service with energy Ogre?

But when it is time to renew or find a new plan you can forget any customer service. They do not ask what type of plan you want, if anything has changed, etc. They just sign you up with whatever company they choose. If you try to ask questions or email them for any reason you can forget it. Months and no replies.

Is there an energy Ogre service in Texas?

If anyone wants to doublecheck whether Energy Ogre or another service truly found your cheapest rate, you can do so in 5 minutes for free with TexasPowerGuide's RateGrinder tool.

Can you get a response to a Negative Ogre review?

Months and no replies. You can get a response if you post negative reviews online. Save your money and take the time to do the research yourself. Any respectable company will answer all your questions, so you can find the right one for you. The ogres found me a great rate at a legitimate power company.

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