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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Smart Board 6000 Energy Star certified?

6000 series are ENERGY STAR® certified for energy efficient design. Intuitive design ensures adoption and reduces training time. Commercial-grade panels are rated for 50,000 hours (many years) of reliable use.

How does the energy smart control board work?

The Energy Smart® Control Board has a flashing LED light which flashes trouble codes. The Installation Instructions have a Diagnostic Code Chart and a Troubleshooting Chart you can use to identify and correct problems.

What kind of products are Energy Star certified?

ENERGY STAR certified products help you save energy. Room Air Conditioner. Refrigerators. Washers. Dryers. Light Bulbs. Heat Pump Water Heaters. Commercial Dishwashers. Air-Source Heat Pumps.

Which is the first Energy Star certified thermostat?

Among the first to be certified were NEST, ecobee, Carrier/Bryant, and EcoFactor. Each product uses slightly different features to help homeowners save energy, so do your research, and choose the ENERGY STAR smart thermostat that's right for you.

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