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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the energy companies on the TSX?

Atlantic Power (TSX: ATP) Atlantic Power operates 26 power generation assets in 11 US states and two Canadian provinces. The projects sell electricity to utilities and other commercial customers that are mostly under long-term power purchase agreements. The company has hydro, natural gas, biomass and coal assets.

What are the largest energy stocks in Canada?

If you look at the TSX 60, 13 of the 60 stocks are energy stocks ( 21.67%) and the largest representation followed by financials and materials with 10 each. Over 50% of the index is concentrated in the 3 primary sectors driving the Canadian economy.

Which is the best stock to buy on the TSX?

After delivering impressive annualized returns of over 19% in the last five years, Northland Power (TSX:NPI) is up around 9% this year. Meanwhile, the rally could continue, given its promising growth prospects and a favourable environment.

Which is the largest gainer on the TSX?

TSX and TSXV Energy stocks that have the largest price gains (by dollar value) in the past 30 days. Total change is calculated from the previous day's closing prices and is based on holding one security of each constituent.

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